Wednesday, November 18, 2009

mummy's F.A.Q

to all working mummys out there, im sure your mind will be 'interrupted' once i a while at the office, thinking of what your child(ren) is doing at home right?pity us, we cant be 24/7 around our kids to make sure they are safe n sound.unless in very rare cases where they will install the cctv at home to and can view 'live' telecast from their pc at the office. still, we can never know the EXACT situation.most of us rely on our maids, pengasuh or our own mummys:) just to share with all of you,as in my case, this is the normal-frequentlyaskedquestions to my maid.i mean, the exact same questions,wajib ada every day (dah mcm hafal dialog plak:p)

me:hello, nia buat apa

maid: ni,saya gendong/sedang main di dapur/sedang nonton barney, etc..

me: sudah berak?bila?berapa kali?

maid:sudah (sambil describe the condition of the stools) (in my case,i really need to monitor on nia's stool, ye lah fobia asyik diarrhea je)

me: sudah makan?

maid:sudah!banyakkk!tambahnya 2 kali...

me:sudah makan vitamin?

maid: sudah!vitamin sudah, kur kur maples juga sudah (hehe, kur kur maples tu actually scotts emulsion!!)

me: nia dah mandi? dia ok tak?ada nangis tak?

maid:sudah...ok ok ajaa..nie ketawa ketawa ni..kadang2 aja lewel,mau main di luar terus terusan.

ok,the text above is a real dialogue every single day i call my maid from the office.sometimes dalam sehari boleh 2 kali tanya benda yg sama.haha ,just need a sense of security. semenjak nia dh pandai borak ni, slalu gak suruh diorng pass the phone to her, hilang rindu:)

well nia, mummy used to ask myself last time, why must your nenek call our home to check on mummy when i was little..the event continued till i was in high school, sampai geram ok waktu tu!!i guess it's a deja vu now...huhu.bottom line is, every mum teringin nak tau apa anak dia buat 24/7.especially when u r so little mcm right now:)


Jucci Jucci said...

hahaha padan muka. mesti mak kau gelakkan kau skrg :P

anyway mummy, c ya sooonnn

~f@R~ said...

hahah aku takle lupa bila kau tido mati waktu hons kat apartment seksyen 16. pastu ur mum call aku 2kali cari kau... buat semua orang panic je...