Sunday, November 22, 2009

nia's first tv show :)

haha.this was appeared live on air, on a sunday morning,on father's day (somewhere in june). my nia even pooped a loottttt few minutes before her call time and mummy yg gelabah cari toilet kat ntv7 tu to clean her and make sure she looks good on tv:)

the topic was about the relationship between a father and his child.mainly nia main2 dgn straw and got distracted, susah sangat nak pandang camera!!but thank god she was on her best behaviour and didnt cry at all tho she could see her mummy watching her behind the mirror!

ok nia,this entry is some sort of a reminder to you,maybe you still x mengerti waktu ni,but the host,he is MR. OS, a legend (at least to mummy and the gang!!haha our inside joke) i dont know whether you would feel proud or malu to tell your frens when you're big enough nanti on your first experience appearing on tv:p hahahahahah


i am a mummy said...

tini. mr.os. hehehehehehehehehehe.. tini. mr.os. hehehehee

kim salam dia.

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

happy belated bday babe!