Thursday, November 19, 2009

nak ada adik baru ke??

the pictures above were taken in may, during our trip to hong kong when nia was about 13 months. that was the first time i saw nia 'feeding' her two bears, so i quickly grabbed the camera to capture the moment! we (me n hubby) both found it super duper cute to see her sharing her meal and milk with her bears,in her own will!tanpa paksaan, tanpa suruhan:)

ever since that day, she will not forget to include her bears if they were around her and at the same time she's having her milk or meal. my nia has developed her 'kakak-kakak' character, showing that she actually cares for another (in)human beings. hahah.

little did i know that at that point of time (may) i actually just conceived, no wonder why nia acted that way:) now, i guess nia is ready (for an adik). just wait and see k nia?for the time being, bermanja2lah anda dengan patung2 anda :)


Lea Shmea said...

awww that is just too cute. hehe.

Malicious Mind said...

chomelnya niaa. hehe. all the best ya tini, insyallah by next yr you dah ada baby baru

i am a mummy said...

tini. jom kite berusaha! ahah.

btw, nia is super duper cute. nampak sgt keperempuanan dia. dan mcm kakak2.

Ms.WifeY said...

hehe..thanks girls, mmg sampai skrg, siap bagi patung tu puting lagi ok!!

rini,marilah berusaha!tapi kalau mlm2 suka tido awal mcm i ni,mcmana?? :p hahha