Sunday, October 17, 2010

melancholic mode

"a mom holds her daughter's hands for a while, but she holds her heart forever...."

yesterday was a saturday, a lazy family day for me. as usual, i woke up surrounded by 2 beautiful fairies around on the left and one on the right. suddenly si kakak bangun and started talking non stop- "mummy jom pegi breakfast.sama mummy, sama daddy, sama baby eva....bla bla bla." suddenly she heard my mom's voice outside. she quickly ran to the door "nak nenek".

rupa2nya her nenek was getting ready to go for a wedding. apa lagi anak dara kecik tu, terus nak ikut. she decided what baju to wear - as usual her "baju princess", what shoes to match her baju, what handbag she wanted to bring. everything she decided on her own.i didnt have to do anything but agree.

so i walked her downstairs (in my tak mandi mode) and as i sat there watching her, my mom reminded nia, "pegi salam mummy dgn daddy". so she came to me, salam n kissed me and said "mummy, bolehkah saya pergi??" (i was the one who thought her bahasa baku bm ni.hehe) and i said "boleh".jgn notty2 k." so nia tugged on her handbag and waved confidently to me, "bye mummy! mummy duduk rumah, jaga baby eva k?" and she walked away into the car.

at that moment i really felt old. mcm mak yg ditinggalkan anak pegi berjalan. and i could already imagine that exact situation in 20 years time?? but at that time she would be leaving with a guy....huhu nia karlyssa, you're just 2 years old and you're already confident leaving without mummy :( you grow up too fast sayang...luckily i still have a 'baby' :)

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