Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my 2nd gift from heaven

i've been procrastinating in updating about my 2nd bundle of joy, baby Eva Latheefa Farish. Pejam celik pejam celik, she's turning 3 months (young) by next week:) alhamdulillah, sepanjang hampir 3 bulan ni, she has been an 'easy' baby. senang sikit nak handle, xde meragam (nangis2 or kembung perut mcm Nia dulu). Now, i can say i have understand her better, i know if she cries it's either she wants milk or she's uneasy coz tak burp lagi. after burping she will lay down and sleep. hehe. wait. before i go on and on about her current 'perangai', i think i have to be retrospective and jot down on the day we both met in the real world - 19th july 2010 :)

Eva Latheefa was born exactly on the day i entered my 38th week of pregnancy. 3 days before that, which was on a friday -my last day at the office. lucky me, this time around (again) i did not have to apply for an early leave or any mc coz she arrived on a perfect day-MONDAY! hehe sama mcm Nia jugak. On that Friday, i had dinner with my family at meatworks. on the way back, i had mild contraction.and i swear at that time i thot i was already going to give birth! it was my first time encountering such a painful moment thru out my pregnancy journey! that time hubby and bapak stopped by to buy durians (at 10.30 pm, mind you) and as much as i wanted to eat the durians, all i wanted was to lay down on my bed and hold on the tiangss!!

balik rumah, tahan sakit sorng2 coz hubby had to go for his recording session. on saturday, i was scheduled for my check up(which i already had an instinct that would be my last check up). however, the pain was already gone. i was 69.5 kg at that time (haha lagi sikit je nak touch the number 7!) and went happily to see the doctor. she checked me for another reason (nak buat vaginal swab to see whether ada infection ke tak. but then she said she wanted to check skali whether ive dilated or not. masuk and godek2, the she said "awak tahu dah berapa cm?" and i was suprised when she said "4cm!". la patutla last nite perut sakit memulas2!

she told me i could deliver the baby on the same day but since my contraction dah xde at that moment and i was panicked coz i havent bought the basic items for my baby (pampers, bla bla bla..tu la take for granted lagi:p) so i told her that i wanted to go back and would only come back when i feel the pain again (later). so she said it's either today or tomorrow. or else i have to be admitted for delivery on monday (19th july).

so, i spent my weekends preparing for the arrival of si kecik. last minute, basuh baju semua and kali ni sempat la pack hospital bags (unlike nia dulu).saturday and sunday went by without me feeling any single pain. haih. lagi la berdebar...nape x sakit2 ni??

on monday morning i woke up, siap2, mkn and ambik gmbr wif nia yg baru bgn tido tu.hehe. she cried gila gila nak ikut me and hubby to the hospital!tapi mana boleh kan?so we left her and 'checked-in' to our room. did the ctg test bla bla bla and was admitted to the delivery room around 11 am. i was still 4 cm dilated at that time (static la pulak).

as usual,i required for the happydural awal2 (walaupun belum sakit lagi time tu). this time around, a male doctor came to perform the process.and this time around i could feel the big needle poking into my tulang yg sedia bengkok itu and omg he tersalah cucuk!so he cucuk for the 2nd time, mmg time ni i was already curling my toes and menyesal pulak mintak epi. however,unlike my 1st delivery, this male doctor only injected a very very mild amount of epi. so that i could (still) feel the pain and would not be confused to teran teran dan teran. hehe, i agreed on his approach coz i would like to feel the pain jugak and let the pain be an indicator for me to push.

i was then induced since i had no contraction. sakit ke tak induced ni org tanya? sakit tu dtg slowly but surely.hehe.around 12 plus my waterbag broke by itself. around 1 plus my mom came but i still didnt feel any pain. siap boleh rilek amik gambar and baca paper. hubby finished my lunch. i didnt eat but i drank a lot of air zam zam. i think this contributed A LOT to my fast and smooth delivery after that. alhamdulillah. but sebab sikit2 minum, so my bladder mmg full and the nurse had to 'kencing'kan i. hehe.the doctor said, if the bladder is full, it will be hard for the baby to find her way down. so kena kosongkan bladder. patutla baru6 cm je dilated.

dekat pukul2 pm dah start rasa sakit and i started holding to the bed rail. due to the minimum amount of epi, kaki mmg x kebas lngsng and sakit tu mmg rasa mcm nak berry. my mum went up to my room nak lunch kejap and i asked my hubby to stay with 2.05 mcm tu i called the nurse mintak epi lagi coz dah tak tahan sakit. so dia tambah and said the epi will only take effect after 15 min mcm tu. lepas je tu tiba2 nurse dtg and kosongkan my bladder lagi. tiba2 je she said, dah 10 cm!can push now! everything happened in a split second. laju gila. tiba2 je i dah dikangkangkan.haha. terus rasa sakit perut memulas and automatically rasa nak push. this 2nd time i was not so panick so i applied the right breathing technique. push 3 kali, lil eva keluar at 2.30 pm. patutla senang sangat dia keluar, she was such a tiny baby! 2.5 kg only! kakak dia dulu 3.15, so she found her way out easily i supposed :) and she's a bit petite, 48cm je compared to her kakak yg 50cm dulu.

and she immediately cried sekuat hati as soon as she came out to see the world (unlike nia, again). and due to my motherly instinct, i shed some tears when i saw her.hehehe. ok, u wanna know what my hubby's first word was when he saw eva? "MAK, PUTIH MAK"! haha lawak betul, ala-ala bangga when he told my mum thru the phone! more on the 'putih' story later or should i say "the mocha and vanilla sisters" :p and after that the stitching process was quite painful coz the epi havent take effect yet.yikes. but alhamdulillah sikit je stitches tu. when i was finally on my bed in my room ptg tu baru la epi took effect and kebas seluruh badan. serius rugi amik epi. but one thing yg bagusnya if i compare dgn nia dulu, this time i wasnt confused and i know when to push so the energy was not wasted. so takdela sampai hilang nafas mcm dulu. syukur alhamdulillah sgt to Allah for giving me an easy delivery process :)

so, here she is "Putih" haha, a reason for me to lose weight (again) :p


: Farisa : said...

Finally updated !!!

Khayrany Fadzlyny Hussin said...

comel. hai tini :)

Malicious Mind said...

upload la lagi gambar adik nia!

Ms.WifeY said...

khayrany: hye:) actually ive been reading ur blog for quite some time :p what a small world :)letak la gmbr baby boy u cpat.hehe

k.dana: camera tini rosak...gmbr2 yg ada ni i cilok from my bro's camera. x syok btol :(

Khayrany Fadzlyny Hussin said...

hehehe yeke. so sweet, juz call me kai my dear. kai link kan blog tini ye.