Wednesday, October 20, 2010

how i deal with my post-pregnancy look

at this time i was a mummy of one :)

3 months preggy with eva. time ni weight belum menggunung lagi :p

3 bln preggy sama mcm 3 bln after delivery, kan:p

during pantang- keluar buka puasa :p

time pantang jgk ni, bulan puasa, tp dah lepas 30 hari la

2 weeks before baby eva popped out!

once upon a time when my tummy felt so huugeeeee

time ni nia baru 10 months mcm tu.nak kurus mcm ni blk??

the last time i looked kurus before i knew i was actually pregnant with eva!

raya 2010

time ni pun dlm pantang wif baby eva, main solek2 :p

my latest picture about 2 weeks ago.still on the wayyyyy....

as a mother of 2, i dont think any women out there would want to look like a mother of 10. (even some mother of 10 might look like an anak dara, and i salute that!) once i got pregnant with eva last year, i've been mentally prepared on the strategies that i need to execute in order for me to get back my pre-pregnancy weight. at that time rasa kalut la jgk, ye la, after 1 year plus lahirkan nia and a lot commented that i looked slimmer than before kahwin dulu, now i have to go back to square one and work hard to leperkan perut itu dan kurangkan inches di sana sini dan situ :p

waktu nia dulu, i started losing weight drastically once i stopped bf which was about 6 months after she was born. mmg badan sgt menyusut dan semua lemak/air hilang begitu saja.hehe. this actually contradicts to the popular beliefs that menyusukan anak will reduce my weight. well, it didnt happen to me.

accepting the fact that i am now a mother of 2, and believing that it will be harder to lose my weight this time (since berat i waktu lahirkan eva was 69.5 while i was only 65 when nia dulu), i tried hard and promised myself untuk berpantang betul this time.

so, during my pantang days, my weight turun jadi 59kg trus (on the 1st week after i gave birth to eva).so i have aroung 9 kgs to be 50kgs. but to me, dpt 53 kgs pun dh boleh puas hati:) so, my mission began.

first, it was the makcik urut.she massaged my perut and after a few days she managed to 'kecilkan' my perut.i thanked her for saving my eyes from continuing to witness my horrible 'after birth perut'. well, org tua2 ni kan pandai urut, so if betul cara urut tu, mmg kecik la perut.

secondly, i wore bengkung (the traditional one) religiously dari pagi sampai malam sampai pagi (only bukak time mandi) i really had to remind myself on this coz time nia dulu i was so undisciplined, pakai takat 2 jam je trus bukak coz rimas. and i wore my socks too :)

thirdly, was the set bersalin. unlike waktu nia dulu, i bought leesa formula satu set (rm300 plus) but ended not using anything except the minyak halia as pilis tu. so this time around i act smart (:P) so i just bought the things that i will use FOR i dint buy the whole set, just bought krim halia leesa formula (to be used a s pilis) and minyak herbanika NoNa Roguy (to be used with the bengkung) and pil phytonatal Nona roguy (highly recommended for ppl yg susah nak buang air besar after birth!) i took this pil 2 biji sekali sehari. alhamdulillah eva was not affected by it and mummy was satisfied coz perut mmg lawas, every single day :) well, that's all for set bersalin. plus pil haruan (sorry saya ni penggeli untuk minum2 ni so i chose pil instead).

pantang makan.urrmm..not strictly, i ate mknan pantang biasa, nasi dlm portion yg sikit tp kerap la. but one thing for sure, i berjaya x minum ais lngsng waktu pantang! im so proud of my ability coz my close frens would know how i love munching ice cubes!! hari ke 30 je ada minum sirao bandung sbb buka kat luar :p tp bila dh biasa minum air kosong, mmg nak air kosong je, air sejuk mcm dh x best. so bagus la benda2 ni :)

i also did steam bath waktu pantang coz my parents house ada benda ni so i fully utilised it and managed to do 10 sessions dlm 1 month. pastu malas dah:p hehe. this thing pun helped jgk.
berat dkt scale machine tu nak turun 1 kg mmg la ambik masaaaaaaaa tapi slowly but surely.

yg penting, i managed to sarungkan jeans lama (tho not all) and baju kerja dah cukup bagus (save duit xyah beli working attire baru). but for long term, i invested in these 2 items:

a) herbalife. i took the f1+f3 (shake) and tea. i started on this meal replacement plan once i started back working (since 20th sept) alhamdulillah, managed to be consistent (on weekdays only coz weekend bnyk dugaan open house la, keluar makan la) and i drank at least 2l to 3l air per day!that's a big achievement to me:) minum banyk, pee pun bynk so at least toksin pun keluar :p herbalife ni mmg berjasa to me coz waktu nia dulu herbalife jgkla yg berjaya menguruskan i :) i also felt more healthy minum benda ni coz herbalife has a lot of nutricient kan:)

b) the most talked-about brand these days or should i call it "every mummy's new best friend"? - Premium Beautiful Corset or PB. i contacted hanis even before i delivered eva to but the set from her. she only managed to see me on my 2nd week of pantang and after 2 weeks of pantang, i started wearing the corset (waist nipper and long girdle)for the whole month sampai habis pantang, everyday 8 hours minimum. i didnt wear the bra yet at that moment coz bf kan kat rumah so kesannya agak lambat coz x pakai full set kan. but as ive said earlier, slowly but surely :) as soon as i started going back to the office, i wore the whole set everyday from 7am till kdg2 tu 9 pm! (depending on what time i go back home). now pb has become like a second skin to me, it's so comfortable, easy to wear (xsampai 5 min), bendable and going to the loo is not a problem at all! senang je bukak and pakai balik.i just bukak long girdle tu je, yg lain still intact:) mmg pakai pb ni badan rasa kemas, kejap dan tegap. and it doesnt look like a 'fake body' at all from the outside! lama2 pakai mmg selesa n rasa nak pakai hari2 je. mula2 pakai je rasa ketat sikit. and now i noticed my set dah longgar sikit even after pakai cangkuk yg last and tarik tali habis2an. dari segi inci mmg turun.that's for sure. alhamdulillah peha pun kecik sikit, dpt pakai most of seluar lama (tapi belum semua lg esp yg super skinny.huhu).

oh ya, one more thing,i wear my pb during office hours meaning 5 days in a week. kalau weekend tu i let my body feel 'free' kejap and in case im going out and i need to hide my bulging tummy, i use the super efficient 'penyorok tummy' =SPANX! the good thing about spanx is that it hides all the bulge in a blink of an eye! however it's not for long purpose or to reduce weight ke apa, it just acts as a penyorok tummy, in a very, very sleek way:) kalau pakai baju ketat pun mmg xnampak from luar coz spanx ni nipis mcm pantyhose this is a good solution whenever you're in a hurry!

i know, this time around semangat agak berkobar2 untuk kuruskan bdn secara cepat and i tried using all (safe) means, coz takut terleka and terlambat nanti, lemak2 tu semua menjadi daging yg degil! yer la, as a woman we need to act fast when it comes to this issue. xleh tangguh2 lagi kan.hehe, so far after 2 months plus lahirkan eva ni and lebih kurang 1 bulan amalkan herbalife + pb full set, my weight turun from 59 kg to 55 kg. 4 kgs tu are something to me. insyaallah, lagi 5 kilos in a few months kot? i know it's not easy but i will not make it as an obstacle.hehe. i give myself 3 more months to achieve my goals.

but i will be very honest here, my tummy is not as flat as those models out there coz im the type yg memang ada tummy sket walau kurus pun waktu anak dara dulu.hehe. ni kan pulak bila anak2, but insyaallah, with my 'investment' above, i hope it will be gone in a few months :) and my 'spider webs' are still there. i know, sooner or later it will be gone (mcm time nia dulu) but for the time being let me just appreciate my tummy and spider webs as a 'living proof' lahirkan a baby angel 3 months ago :)


Mummy Zara Sofea said...

herbalife tu ok yeh?i tgh prgnnt skrg, insyallah due March 2011..mmg serius ade weight prob...susah gile nkturun..

when u mentioned bout herbalife tu, cam nkcube lak lepas dliver nti...

neway, can i get 'mkcik urut' cntct no.?my mkcik dlu, xbrpe pndailah...

Ms.WifeY said...

Mummy zara,

yup, so far herbalife worked for me:) dia mengenyangkan and helped me to reduce my portion of food. at least we know herbalife is safe to consume waktu preggy and for bf mom:) nak contact num dealer just mail me ya.

makcik urut tu nama makcik ton.but you have to fetch her coz dia takde kereta and she lives in bandar seri mahkota. ni number dia019 2798102.

dbalkis said...

I makan herbalife jugak..anyway congrats to you..

rizaros said...

wow detailnyer.. maceh kak..harap leh la kurus after delivery ni... gmuk sgt ni... salam pkenalan dr sy...

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

entry nih mmg wat i smgt berkobar2 nk slimkan badan..tq yer tinie

zie said...

Wow Tinie,

Really an eye opener, ur post kali nie. I will try to be as disiplined as you.

I will consume my Usana and pakai PB 8 jam sehari.After all, benda dah ada kan.

Thanks for this post, because it is really an eye opener.

Ms.WifeY said...

to all,

thanks for reading and agreeing with this post.yes, it should be an eye opener and a reminder to all of us, women (especially me)

i purposely wrote this entry to remind myself and to keep track on my weight progress. insyaallah, apa yg bagus kita boleh share and i always welcome all of you to share your tips!

Mummy Zara Sofea said...

ok..thnks dear...i'll cntct diz mkcik soon...tq.....

Anonymous said...

berapa lama dah u pakai PB? i pun ada PB tapi i xdisiplin pakai tiap2 hari 8 jam sehari. sebab bagi i, agak leceh bila nak ke toilet. i akan buka waist nipper, baru buka long girdle. then bila nak pakai balik long girdle tu agak seksa. dah la minum banyak air so asik ke toilet. macamana u handle? lagi satu, macamana u ikat/ketatkan tali tu? pls share coz i really wanna make full use of my PB. beli mahal tapi tak pakai selalu. rugi!

Ms.WifeY said...

Salam anon;

ok, i pakai pb in my 'own way' to make it more convenient especially when i go to the loo.nak2 minum teh herbalife, lagi la selalu nak pee!

so first i pakai bra dulu, then waist nipper, and the last one will be the long girdle. long girdle ni the top layer so everytime nak pegi toilet just bukak mcm bukak seluar. the waist nipper will be untouched coz dah tak perlu adjust.juz buka long girdle mcm buka seluar. as easy as that:) tapi biasa la kalu nak pakai long girdle balik kena ambik masa sikit. but i always managed to wear it less than a minute:)

about the tali dkt waist nipper tu, i tarik ketat2 sampai habis, than i silangkan, then bawa ke depan (our tummy area). ikat sekali, lepas tu i sorokkan the clip tu dalam waist nipper before pakai long girdle. that way mmg xnampak bonjolan clip tu form outside :)

hope you'll get some idea ya:)

Anonymous said...

thank u for the tips. but selesa ke pakai camtu? sebab long bra tu kan cam stop at the waist, doesn't it 'cut' through your waist?
i pakai girdle, long bra, then waist nipper. sebab tu agak seksa nak ke toilet. u bayangkan la tiap kali i akan buka waist nipper dulu. kalau ke public toilet sume, memang susah. sebab tu i x pakai hari2. :(
anyway nanti i nak try cara pemakaian macam u. kalau selesa & senang, bagus lah.
kita ni pompuan, sanggup buat apa saja demi nak cantik kan? thanks again yeah? kalau ada tips lagi share lah. :)

Malicious Mind said...

im impressed!!