Thursday, October 28, 2010

raya 2010 snippets

our lil family tree:)

father-daughters moment. very rare.hehee


i always think salam hubby dpn parents n ramai org adalah lakonan.nak minta maaf betul2 should be just the two of us:p
o bkn lakonan eh.hehe

eva pun nak tema hitam:) xpe, next year dah boleh pakai bj kurung ye sayang:)

it's not too late to share our first raya with our 2nd child, baby eva latheefa:) i noticed that ever since i became a mother, baju kurung cotton is a MUST on the first day of raya! ye lah, nak boria dgn anak dara:) hehe .guess i haf to be selfish next year:p nak jgk merasa pakai baju glamor di raya pertama.hehe.


prettybabybump said...

congrats! you lil' one is very cute!

zie said...

cotton is my baju raya too now. Sebab nak sedondon dengan anak kan?

Well, have to.

By the way, nice family pic u have there and ur family is so adorable.

Congrats again on ur newborn and Nia makin kurus la. Miss d chubby her.