Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to WORK :(

After 2 whole wonderful months spending time wif karlyssa, finally on the early morning of 1st of july 2008, i woke up looking at her sleeping face wif a very very heavy heart. she was sleeping in her comfort zone (bawah ketiak mummy dia) innocently without knowing that she wont have her usual "nippies" everytime she turned her head to her right n bukak mulut mcm anak burung mintak makanan :( kesiannnnn sgt imagining that she couldnt have her morning milk direct from the nippie anymore :( sedih sgt nak angkat badan ni perlahan2 from the bed without waking her up:( tak sampai hati sgt2 nak tinggalkan dia dgn muka dia yg comel waktu tido (bcoz one of her most comel look to me is waktu karlyssa baru bgn tido!)

but what can i do?i woke up n bersiap2...tgh gosok gigi i heard her small cry so i quickly went to the bed n feed her kejap then she fell asleep again...after i got ready, sent her to the maid n kissed her on the cheek n went straight to the car.but half way thru, i turned back to her n kissed her again b4 going off...mmg mcm drama!while driving i got a lil bit emotional, missing her like crazy n thinking that i cud only spend 12 hours wif her everyday :( i cudnt be bonded wif her in the next 12hours like we usually did...berkepit 24/7 :( in the office, all i did was looking at her pics in my hp n me, hanya gambar nia yg penuh dlm hp i!

well, nia karlyssa barbie shomel, mummy rindu crazy.n now i truly understand why some mothers would rather quit their job n be a fulltime housewife just to make sure they wont miss witnessing their child's first smile. if only i have that choice.

hmmm tak guna everytime the clock strikes 5pm, mummy cabuutt coz so eager to meet u darling! n some updates on shugiga, she's 2 months 5 days!
~60 cm (doc kata dia akan jadi tinggi coz tinggi dia mcm baby umur 3 bulan lebih)
~5.3 kgs
~dah pandai senyum n gelak n respond bila kita agah dia!
~suka tgk2 benda kalau kita tunjuk dia
~suka buat that cute meneran face everytime dia berry
~dah pandai merajuk n cemek setiap kali mummy dia lambat bagi nippie!
~no more waking up late at night..just to change her diaper coz she depends fully on breast milk yg mummy bagi sambil tido both of us have good sleep at nights!
~dah mcm org besar, wktu siang tido kejap2 je, malam baru tido
~buat perangai waktu mummy n daddy bwk jln2 kat alamanda coz she refused bottle milk since she can smell my nippie, can u believe it i breastfeed her in a restaurant?!!!
~the only place yg dia tak meragam is our kafe, she behaves like a goody girlie!
~semua kata muka dia mcm daddy except her nose which she inherits from her mummy!
~first time demam after her 2months injection on the 30th june :( kesian sgt.well she cried gila2 lepas kena inject unlike the first injection but she quickly stopped once the nurse showed her the mainan yg gantung2 warna warni tu.terus dia suka tgk!
~dah banyak nyamuk jahat gigit dia!!
~she couldnt sleep without her mommy. dah try test last saturday where me n hubby went out for a date for the first time!n we went for late nite movies.kesian nia tak bole tido sampai we reached home pukul 1 lebih! so b'cha n mak yg jaga dia but she didnt cry only that she refused bottle milk or pacifier coz she was waiting for her usual 'nippie' routine b4 she goes to sleep :p

hmmm that's all at the moment...cant wait to see nia..i think ive called the maid like 10000 times to check on my baby girl!huhu now i understand why my mom used to call the house so many times to check on us last time!huhu.i enjoy motherhood wif my lil nia :)


i AM a MARRIED woman said...

tini...sgt sedih bace post ni..hmmm..baru i fhm y my mum asik nak berkepit je dgn i in fact sampai skarang. aih..

sedihnyaaa...c u next sunday!!!

take care nia comel..


Ms.WifeY said...

sedihkan :( nanti u jadi mummy lg u sedih :( tak sabar nak tunggu that time comes!hehe

kotoko_pink said...

helo tini..wah , bestnyer dpt bc update on nia and u as well :)

btw, it me, ~hidayah :)