Wednesday, July 30, 2008

his birthday celebration

dengan pak ngah nia
ninja turtle n baby turtle :p
nia tomeiiii
the day we ate like there's no tomorrow
me n rini at kopicat kafe
a family picture
nia wif her nenek n opah
nia n her b'cha n auntie b
after ngamuk nia doze off in her batik baby sling
wif her datuksss

mummy nia n nenek nia :p

ngantuk lepas ngamuk
i love this.bday girl kena buli
ayu's n cattie's bday celebration


kel-wa said...

serious massive updateee...bnyk giler kau update..anyway letaklaa video ayu gelek tueee..puhleezeeeee

i AM a MARRIED woman said...


ayu comel. ahahhaha.

Imparfait Saint said...

Definitely im getting the son will turn 1 next month but he still want the gendong