Thursday, July 17, 2008

a birthday & an anniversary

happy 34th bday to my dearest hubbybarney & happy 1 year anniversary to both of us! these 2 impotant events happened on the 12th n 13th of july :)

well, at the age of 34 my husband is finally a daddy to a beautiful daughter n we r both very happy n thankful to Allah that after 1 year of marriage, we are finally blessed with a bond we called -FAMILY. we finally have our own, small family consists of hubby, me n shugiga :) from now on everytime raya, we will have our own familypicture:) best kan!

these events were celebrated jointly last saturday. siang sabtu tu me n hubby went out for our date at the gardens, did some shopping to reward ourselves (not forgetting shugiga) n had our not-so-lovely lunch at a WRONG place.phuh.macamana boleh termakan kat situ.takperla. so we plan to celebrate our anniversary just the two of us at bora asmara on sunday tapi i demam la postpone this weekend:)

well, his birthday was celebrated at bubba gump the curve.all of us went there.his family, mine n our precious daughter! we dressed her up n she slept all the way to the curve.woke up when we put her in the stroller n started to wander around. she cried for milk exactly when i was about to see the i fed her wif TWO bottles of milk (my daughter nak membesar, minum banyak sgt).after minum dia start tak selesa. thought she wanted her usual nippies and i was about to stuck her tiny mouth into my nippies UNDER her new batik baby sling when she cried n wailed, refusing to drink from my nippie! terkejut n gabra all of us coz she cried kuat sgt.!! and that place was a lil bit hot,not suitable for a baby like i had to pujuk her and comfort her,rupa2nya dia nak BURP. after that she comfortably slept in the baby sling while i ate my "tak menarik" food.tak sedap.whatever shrimp dgn nasi n crab meat tapi tak sedap.cold.made me want to go to bora asmara MORE.

well our family dinner went well after shugiga punya "drama" tu.after that she became a good girl.will upload the pictures later.well mummy was really happy dpt bawak keluar nia jalan2 mlm tu,finally.jealous setiap kali keluar mall tgk org lain bwk baby tp baby kita tinggal rumah :( saturday was the only day my hubby was free so on sunday, tho it was our anniversary, it was not celebrated.but me n giga went to creative lite box studio where barney had his album photo shoot n giga was featured in the album cover!she was in her good mood n kept on looking at the camera so the pictures turned out comel!!hehe baby baru 2months plus dah pegi photo shoot ek?!!comel!!

oh btw, my nia karlyssa has become a very sensitive little girl yg hatinya sgt lah fragile. there was this one time where i went home late after work coz i went to the balik2 i had to clean up myself dulu b4 i touch sure dia pelik how come dah mlm tapi mummy dia takder lg.suddenly after my bath, my mom ketuk pintu n i bukak my mom was there sambil dukung nia.the moment nia saw me, terus dia cemek!!sedihhh sgt muka dia!!skrg kalau lambat bg susu je dia dah pandai sedih n mencemikkan mulut dia.n dia akan refuse puting botol or my nippies until we comfort her,belai2 her.phew...terikut perangai mak dia waktu mengandung,suka merajuk. so ladies, it is true when they say budak akan ikut perangai mummy dia waktu mengandung. sensitif, manja, merajuk semua nia dah master very2 well!

okaylah.its friday n im off to feed nia.btw, congrats to my best fren for the beautiful news :) im glad Allah answer ur prayers:)


Malicious Mind said...

haha. samala mcm my daughter, tp dia kuat naik angin :) hehehehehe

i AM a MARRIED woman said...

sayaaanggg niaaaa....


sayang u jugak. :P

dana said...

i bet u r really r super happy these days...congrats tini 4 reaching this proud of u