Wednesday, July 30, 2008

it's all about nia karlyssa.... :)

look at my purple shoes!
im officially 3 months and 63 cm on 280708
dgn mummy waiting for my turn
boringlah main ka ching ka ching
this is interesting!!
tido without mummy
wif chu chitty
on my way to my 3 months check up
mana daddy :(

tido di kopicat kafe
hey im a gangster k!
tido tapi garang
tangan kaku
tak gerak walau kena kacau pipi

penat lepas exercise

im 6.35 kg n im scared :(
shud i feel guilty for drinking so much milk?

penat lepas shooting wif my daddy
i love eating my mittens nowadays

wif mummy but i merajuk taknak pandang camera

baju tido panjang from granny
before i cried at bubba gump
boring la mummy ni asyik ambik gamba!
waiting to create my 'drama'

i think it's 100% mummy la!

without my fringe i look bulat la
sama tak serupa:P
do i look like him?? :p

i love playing wif tweety
at last i got sleepy
nangis nangis nangis

mummy came home every friday to feed me!!
i love sleeping in the "kendong"
tendang tweety!!yay!!
oops.takut.tweety jeling saya la.
my mummy calls this place as "my school" and those creatures are "my frens"

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