Wednesday, July 30, 2008

random pictures-pre-delivery,post delivery n the precious baby-

nia 2 months plus
look at her lips..
lepas mandi :)

baseball rompers from her daddy
miss fargu tunangan org
noen,mira,me n elsa
her first trip to alamanda..mengamuk!
had to breastfeed dlm the coast
muka terpaksa hisap puting

geng zaman dulu dulu
rini n me
adik ya n me
miss put n me
sultan n me

with anis 200408
chickies without meq.look at how big nia was in my belly!
our first moment together
awal subuh 270408
me, b'cha n dik ya

meq's wedding
meq's nikah,a week before the delivery
my last picture with nia inside me :)
muka yang sama je :p
muka yang sama again...
well this time i will upload my pictures je...nak balas dendam coz lama sgt tak upload2 gambar from my camera..malas n dok tangguh je after all these pics might not be relevant to u but to me they still are..even after 3 months..esok nak upload lagi..gambar2 after giving birth pulak:)


Malicious Mind said...

This is memorable.

Nia is so kissable, geram tengok pipi dia..:)

~f@R~ said...

Nianinoni sangat comey...nak hug...nak pegi visit pun x sempat *sigh* Nia jgn notty2 ok... *hugs*

i AM a MARRIED woman said...

nia yg pakai pampers itu sudahhhh berriissssiii chubby. ahahhaa..comeeell..

n tini. ape bende lak ade gamba 18sx ni. ahahahha..cun pulak tu. ahaha..

btw, gamba after giving birth tu sila tlg includekan gamba i gi restaurant cat tu. huhuh..

but both are gorgeous..nia punye lips tu precious. ehhe


گبيره بـ عيونهم..!! said...


meq suki said...

nia big girl already... her face like daddy... hheheheh... how come got pics at my wedding but no pics with the bride.. so saddd... huhuhuh